top 16 grinch whoville characters’ names list

Cindy Lou Who: 

The heartwarming and kind-hearted little girl who helps the Grinch rediscover the true spirit of Christmas Whoville characters.

The Grinch: 

The iconic green character at the center of the story, whose heart grows three sizes on Christmas Day.

Mayor Augustus Maywho: 

The charismatic mayor of Whoville leads the town’s Christmas celebrations with great pomp.

Martha May Whovier: 

Introduced in the 2000 film adaptation, Martha May is a beautiful and kind-hearted resident of Whoville.

Lou Lou Who: 

Cindy Lou’s father is a loving family man and a symbol of the festive spirit.

whoville characters.

Betty Lou Who: 

Cindy Lou’s mother embodies the warmth and togetherness of the Whoville community.

Grandma Lou Lou Who: 

Cindy Lou’s grandmother, who imparts wisdom and kindness to her family.


Introduced in the 2018 animated adaptation, Bricklebaum is an exuberant and friendly resident who befriends the Grinch.


A character from adaptations, Whobris is the officious and self-important postmaster of Whoville.

Stu Lou Who: 

A member of Cindy Lou’s family who contributes to the close-knit Whoville atmosphere.

Drew Lou Who: 

Another member of Cindy Lou’s family symbolizes the unity of Whoville.

Annie Who: 

A young girl who participates in the Whobilation celebration, adds a touch of innocence and joy.

Juvenile Delinquent: 

A character introduced in adaptations, this mischievous Who challenges the conventions of the community.

Whofish Vendor: 

A minor character who adds authenticity to the vibrant streets of Whoville.

Rose Who: 

An embodiment of the generosity and compassion within the Whoville population.

Sandy Who: A background character contributing to the lively atmosphere of Whoville.

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