How to Add an External SSD Hard Drive for PS5

Introduction: SSD Hard Drive for PS5

The SSD Hard Drive for PS5 is a powerful gaming console that gives an immersive gaming reveal with its remarkable photos and processing abilities. However, as game sizes continue to grow, the built-in garage of the PS5 may fill up quickly. To make bigger your garage and accommodate greater video games, adding an outside SSD (solid nation drive) on your SSD Hard Drive for PS5 is an amazing solution. In this guide, we will stroll you through the stairs of including an external SSD tough power for your PS5.

Step 1: Choosing the Right External SSD:

Before you start, make sure to choose a like-minded outside SSD for your PS5. The force needs to assist USB 3.0 or later for the most advantageous overall performance. Moreover, the SSD’s capacity needs to be enough for your gaming needs. No less than 250GB is recommended, however, large capacities including 500GB, 1TB, or extra will offer more room for games.

Step 2: Gathering the Required Materials:

1 You will need the following items:

2 Compatible external SSD.

3 USB Type-C to Type-A cable (if not included with the SSD).

4 A USB port on your PS5.

5 A Phillips-head screwdriver (if the SSD requires installation inside an enclosure).

Step 3: Installing the External SSD:

Prepare the SSD: If your SSD comes in an enclosure that requires assembly, follow the manufacturer’s instructions to install the SSD inside it. Use the Phillips-head screwdriver if needed.

Connecting the SSD: Join the outside SSD to the USB port on the front or back of your PS5 using the USB kind-C to kind-A cable. Make certain a comfortable connection.

Powering On: Electricity on your PS5 and anticipate the console to understand the outside SSD. You may need to attend a few moments for the force to be detected and initialized.

Formatting the SSD: Once the SSD is detected, the PS5 will activate you to layout it. Formatting is essential to ensure the pressure is well-matched with the PS5’s record gadget. Follow the on-display commands to lay out the SSD.

Step 4: Transferring Games:

Moving games: After formatting, you may now move or replica video games from your PS5’s internal storage to the outside SSD. To do that, navigate to “Settings” > “storage” > “Console garage” and pick the video games you need to transport.

Selecting the Destination: Choose the external SSD as the destination for the games. The PS5 will start transferring the selected games to the external SSD.

Managing Storage: You can manage game storage by moving games back and forth between the internal storage and the external SSD as needed.

Step 5: Playing Games from the External SSD:

Accessing Games: Games stored on the external SSD will appear in your game library just like those on the internal storage. You can launch and play games from the external SSD without any issues.

Step 6: Ejecting the External SSD:

Safe Removal: Before unplugging the external SSD, ensure that no games or applications are actively using it. Properly eject the SSD through the PS5’s user interface to prevent data corruption.


Expanding the garage of your PS5 by way of adding an external SSD is a truthful manner that may greatly decorate your gaming experience. With the multiplied capability, you may be capable of downloading and shopping more video games without disturbing about jogging out of the area. By following the stairs mentioned in this manual, you could seamlessly integrate an external SSD into your PS5 setup and experience a much broader variety of gaming alternatives.

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