How Technology Has Impacted benefited or disadvantaged society

Due to the huge impact of Technology benefited, it’s becoming clear that there is a co-production, co-influence, and co-dependence of society and technology upon one another. Whether it’s the history of Tech or how we celebrate Christmas, everything is changing, and evolving Technology benefits are predominantly the reason why. While this may sound like a new concept, this is a related history of Ramadanship that has existed since the beginning of humankind, thanks to some of the earliest inventions that the world has seen. Since the dawn of time, it has been up for debate whether technology has benefitted or disadvantaged society. Regardless of which side of the fence you fall on, there’s no denying that the technological impact is huge. 

Technology benefited something that has naturally progressed to make our lives easier, much like people have learned languages to communicate with one another. Meanwhile, tools were invented to assist with protection hunting building and agriculture. Naturally, Technology benefits are currently more advanced than it has ever been before, and we’re sure to see it progress even further in years to come. 

One thing that remains the same across every nation is that unique social norms, traditions, and cultures are present. Despite this, each of these has become much more complex, thanks to advancements in technology. 

Social Values

Social values are some of the most affected factors when it comes to developing technology, as evolving technology has completely shifted how we perceive and carry out communication. Not only is technology an integral feature of interpersonal connections, but it also massively impacts electricity, transportation, health, and much more. 

Despite this, the impact of technology on communication isn’t necessarily always a good thing. For instance, technology has meant that people aren’t as obliged to spend their time within a physical social environment. What’s more, technology often receives the blame for traditional media losing its prominence and is often accused of making individuals dependent and lazy. Similarly, nuclear weapons and bombs wouldn’t exist in the absence of technology, so it’s clear that technology doesn’t always positively contribute to society. Regardless of whether it’s positive or negative, technology dramatically shifts our expectations and realities, and it has also impacted how we trust others. 


Our cultures are formed from our social practices, norms, and values, and this is heavily impacted by technology Whether it’s down to changes in religion, education, mobility, art, or language, every one of the fundamental aspects of culture is directly affected by evolving technology To achieve a balance, technology must operate in harmony with culture, wherein it acts as a help rather than a hindrance when it comes to individuals engaging with various cultural aspects One of the greatest benefits of technology from a cultural perspective is that it enables people to fulfill their cultural duties more seamlessly On the other hand, the widespread use of technology has meant that there are fewer regulations and restrictions, which may not necessarily be a positive factor. 


Last but not least, the struggle between tradition and technology is a difficult one. In many ways, technology can make our lives much easier and better; however, this sometimes means letting go of tradition, which can make some people uncomfortable Despite this, we must remember that we wouldn’t be where we are today without technological advancements in the fields of engineering, medical science, communication, transportation, and electricity For technology and tradition to work alongside each other, we need to allow technology to modify tradition in the most appropriate ways. Tradition and Technology benefited thrive if they’re granted their recognized value. 

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